Au Revoir Carbone

I led the redesign of the existing dashboard experience for the company's gamified CSR workshops, which model a variety of sustainability metrics.

The MVP was launched in January of 2024 and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

User progress made glanceable

A banner anchors each page of the dashboard to orient the user by indicating their progress in the workshop.

Also consistent across pages are the recent decisions history and a performance index.

Limiting information overload

Two graph types were used to balance consistency and scannability of metrics, all of which represented data over the workshop's duration.

Same but different

Values of the same color allowed for grouping like metrics while differentiating them for better legibility.

We have a winner

A rankings page tracked user or team progress to determine a winner at the end of the workshop.

Users loved the product

A combined 87% of users agreed or strongly agreed with positive statements about the dashboards usability.

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