Cześć! I'm a product designer at Au Revoir Carbone, previously at Thanks a Ton.

I'm Michal, a multifaceted designer with a unique journey that has shaped my career into a dynamic fusion of creative storytelling and user-centric design. With a foundation in the arts cultivated over 25 years, my path has encompassed roles as diverse as museum preparator, contemporary artist, arts educator, and podcast audio producer.

As an immigrant and refugee from then-communist Poland, my story is one of adaptation to new cultures and languages.  This history has gifted me with a level of empathy that allows me to connect with individuals from a wide array of backgrounds and cultures.

Now based in Los Angeles, my growth into the field of UX and product design is marked by innate problem-solving skills and a passion for storytelling. I leverage my artistic background to create user experiences that exceed the needs of brands and users alike.

My approach depends on data-backed user research, rapid iteration, and user-focused UI to craft designs that elevate brands and make a lasting impact.

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